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hello! i actually hit 1k a few days ago, and so i made another follow forever! i just want to say thank you to everyone who went onto my blog and liked it enough to press that follow button on the top of my blog. thank you so much you guys, it really means a lot. and seriously, just talk to me whenever, okay? i love talking to people and making new friends!

speaking of friends, i actually made a lot of friends on this site recently (you know who you are), and i really want to give all of you guys a virtual hug bc i can’t do it in person. thank you so much for making my life a lot more brighter, and i added a little message to you guys<3

i just want to thank every one on this list, since they’re the reason why i go on tumblr and have no life. if it wasn’t for them, then i wouldn’t be here, making this and totally procrastinate on my homework. so let me thank everyone one more time. i’m so glad you all made a tumblr and make m life that much more exciting.

if you think we’re friends, and you don’t see your url on here, please tell me bc i did this at like eleven at night, and that’s usually when i go to sleep. 

and this time i’m gonna thank cierra unnie for making this amazing edit! i’m sorry i was so picky on everything, i love you unnie<3

bold - mutuals, italics - sunbaes, strikethrough - my chingus<3


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I don’t think Luhan wants to do this blog thing with me, although I don’t understand why.

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I’m sorry! I don’t really know anyone that’s active ㅠ-ㅠ Which is a shame really :/ 

I, however, would totally not mind running one but alas i now have two ask blogs both I’m not posting frequently enough on oTL

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Xiuhun is the new thing you guys.

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Anonymous sent: Fuck you. I hate you adminnie.

Well I, Oh Sehun, is too flawless to be captured in drawings anyway

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I&#8217;ll answer whenever I feel like it

I’ll answer whenever I feel like it